Case Katahdins is located in Hartsburg, Missouri. We formerly sold purebred Katahdin, and Texel- Romney-and Suffolk (the old-fashioned kind) cross breeding stock that had been carefully selected for size, muscling, conformation, fertility, prolificacy, and hardiness. Our flock was raised in an intensive rotational grazing system, with ewes receiving grain only during winter lambing. Conditions are tough here in the Missouri River bottom; the summers are very hot and humid, the grass is watery, and the parasites are legion. Our sheep are well adapted to life below the Mason-Dixon line.

In 1991, we purchased a small flock of Katahdins: 5 ewes and 7 ewe lambs. We had previously given up on finding someone to shear a small flock of wooled sheep, and had investigated various breeds of hair sheep.The reason we became interested in Katahdins was due to their reputation for high parasite tolerance, mothering ability, good carcass conformation, and temperament. In addition to these attributes, we found that these sheep have the stamina to withstand the rigors of training our Border Collies.

Two of the ewes in the photograph were the centerpieces of our flock: In the center, "Petey", and on the right, "Nita", purchased from the Hambach flock dispersal. Both ewes weighed over 200 pounds and were part Suffolk. I had many of their daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters. Their sons and grandsons sired many high quality lambs.

We kept statistical measures of our lambs for seven years, noting birth number, birth weight, 30,60, 90, 120, 180, and 240 day weights, and mature weights of ewes and rams. Our flock is enrolled in the Federal Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, and was enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program. Carcasses are evaluated at slaughter for carcass yield, muscling, and fat cover.

WE HAVE DISPERSED OUR EWE FLOCK, DUE TO JOB REQUIREMENTS (we're going to graze meat lambs only). No breeding stock is available for sale. We sell pastured freezer lambs for $1.25 per pound live weight, available in the Boone/Cole County, MO area.

For quality Breeding Stock, please contact my customers:


David & Nancy Maddox
Warm Springs Katahdins  -  WSK
5521 White House Parkway
Warm Springs,  GA  31830  USA
Phone:   706-655-3407
Fax:   706-655-2605
Sheep for Sale:   S    Export:   EXP
Health Program:   SFCP   
Date Join Health Program:   12/1/1999   
Performance Program: NSIP, Flockmaster


Patrick & Brenda Brokaw
Brokaw Farm  -  PBB
Rt. 1 Box 39
Stronghurst,  IL  61480  USA
Phone:   309-924-1510
Sheep for Sale:   S    Export:   EXP
Health Program:   SFCP   


Mac, Marsha & Amy Edwards
Hoot Owl Hollow Farm  -  ED
18326 W. 200 Avenue
Eagleville,  MO  64442-9725  USA
Phone:   800-663-0934
Sheep for Sale:   S    Health Program:   SFCP   
Date Join Health Program:   2/1/1999   

Lynn & Donna Fahrmeier
Fahrmeier Farms  -  FAH
13305 Flournoy School Rd
Wellington,  MO  64097  USA
Phone:   816-934-8651
Phone2:   816-517-5049
Fax:   816-240-2717
Website:   http:\\
Sheep for Sale:   S    Export:   EXP
Health Program:   SFCP   
Performance Program: NSIP

David Coplen & Carol Fulkerson
Birch Cove Farm  -  BC
4702 Birch Cove Drive
Fulton,  MO  65251  USA
Phone:   573-642-7746
Sheep for Sale:   S    Export:   EXP
Health Program:   SFCP-Certified   
Date Join Health Program:   9/29/1998   
Performance Program: NSIP

Adam Kilmer
15726 Hwy C
Versailles,  MO  65084-4805  USA
Phone:   573-378-5956
Phone2:   573-378-6839
Sheep for Sale:   S   

John and Darla Noble
Generation 5 Farm - GFF
12750 Rd 7160
Rolla, MO 65401
Phone:   573-364-0132
Phone2:   573-308-8495 E-mail:
Sheep for Sale:   S   

Rodney & Kathryn Phipps
Bent Nail Farm  -  BN
24820 Maries Rd 406
Belle,  MO  65013  USA
Phone:   573-646-3309
Sheep for Sale:   S    Health Program:   SFCP-certified  

Randy & Melody Wehner
3645 Pal Creel Rd
Odessa MO 64076
Phone:   816-230-4060
Sheep for Sale:   S    Health Program:   SFCP-certified  


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